Horror Art

My illustrations like this show my my fascination with horror. The Night Stalker, The X-Files, and Millennium were all television shows that had the psychological content that I try to portray in much of my illustration. The X-Files on VHS came with two collector’s cards with artwork that I like. Also, the artwork for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

With this project I wanted to come up with something that depicted a person in a state of psychosis. It could be a killer murdering someone for the first time or a person who was in a heightened state of anxiety. Such a person I imagine to be splitting his mind so to speak. Like he were outside himself. I was also thinking of the body’s bilateral symmetry. Two halves. And that sides weren’t necessarily halves…And then that the two halves and the power to reason combined to form a greater whole… The disconnection, dissolution of the coherent capacity to reason… It presented an avenue of direction towards things I wanted to know more about. This is oil paint on particle board.


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