Author: Roaming Snyder Publishing

Ronald Hoffman is an artist and poet from West Michigan. Under the pen name Barnabas Collins he is the author of the chapbook of verses called The Ballads of Barnabas Collins. His art is illustrative of the human condition as told through Jungian archetypes and can be seen at He hails from snowy West Michigan. As a songwriter and player, also under the pen name Barnabas Collins, his music project, Roaming Snyder, produced a self titled hard rock instrumental in 2013, as well as the lp Autumn Years in 2015. “I see the child as father of the man, and as a fifty year old can see the symbols of my youth writ large upon my theater of reality.”

Number Two

“Ready to go?” Bork barks as he opens the back door. I am finishing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before hanging out at the music store. Bork’s mom’s boyfriend, Chad is taking us. I have never met Chad, but Bork’s mom’s boyfriends are pretty … Continue reading Number Two