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The Black Scarecrow

scratch lyrics from Barnabas Collins

there is no question
about my way and the man i’ve become
but you took my arrows
and stoned my weakness
Now I hold the door, let you in my hollow

can’t you see, my wicked means
my empty sound my hollow beat my frozen needs
but the time will come, i’ll pull you in
for a spotlight on the mantle of my dreams

I gave up a long time ago
to make amends with the friends i left behind
but it’s not too late, for my heart
you know i got one, just a little sawed off
a little untended shotgun

can’t you see, my wicked means
my empty sound my hollow beat my frozen needs
and the time will come, I’ll pull you in
for a spotlight on the mantle of my dreams

I am the black scarecrow

Scratch Lyrics from Elvis Angel, the Wandering Minstrel

Scratch lyrics from Roaming Snyder (by Elvis Angel)

open road, my cart, steeds in front of me. i lift my hand but no one sees, the dark is filled with smoke and hollowed trees

hologram breathes fire, looks like god but we know he’s mean, like no one we’ve ever seen.

light my pyre, with two hands dripping clean, brazed by fire, soaked in gasoline, when the match is struck we’ll all join the band.

Lay yourself low, best not to be seen by the others looking for you, by others looking for me – they pull you with the familiar voice of infinity.

Open Road, two hands on the reins. rats in the grass, wild tails and manes. A little girl points toward the sky…

this time we will surely die

From the Ballads Of Romy Snyder

Now I can see my portrait
in a corner, in the dust
and mother’s voice from her fortress
is withering with rust

time can’t steal her features
as we rolled our car down the hill

arms pressed forward and her head snaps back
froze in a pose that could never look back

tazed and tethered, battered and weathered
smoke in the rain
my mind is pulled together in a symphony
of tangled treasures
and tentacles of pain

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

the experience, the voice of the third eye…

peel away the fetter
blow away the tether
pump and turn forever
in her eye I am born
A mirage, a feint
the curse of a blind saint
patron of three generations

Who’s freezing, cracking haunted
the eye of birth and still
breaking up and wanting
this body to break this spell

[taken from artifact. location – former Great Lakes Region, Continent 1.

Scratch Notes From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

i’ve found you, silhouette, bent, shrunken shriveled
but still, you never weave or bleed or feel regret
never seem to bend or wiggle

Out in the air
together in the breeze
sad songs just lap and tickle
smudges and blurs
bleed and twinkle
i’ll give, you burn a little
a little feed to feel a little
just take and take away a conscience
take away a forest of melody