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The Legislator Gives You a Dirty Look When You Make Eye Contact With Him While Shopping at the Supermarket

Stone splitter Alone and bitter Rapt in a daze Thinking words are Lumps of clay Like grave markers. You eyeball me from a stake, from a law room with chirping birds and squeaking questions that only beg for confessions Whence the frowning pain that chirps … Continue reading The Legislator Gives You a Dirty Look When You Make Eye Contact With Him While Shopping at the Supermarket

Rodent Killer For President: 2016

With a hot dog walk and a bicycle horn nose that kinda just squeaks, but still it blows, not content with the ham on his sandwich he cinches up his bows. 

He’s got slingshots and knives, rifles and mines, and if it breathes he steals their spirit by harvesting their bones. In a soul’s last leap for comfort his bullet will find a home.

He’s got blood on his chin in the morning without firing up the stove, he blows heads off of doves in silent groves, never inviting anyone in but demanding their reason.

And from the shadow of cover he dances with images, manipulating symbols within himself to dream himself an existence in which “The lion and the lamb lie together” is somehow read to mean The Lord of the Flies.

He touts a spirit of the wild but his talk is foul communication, angry justification, a superimposing of the rodent hunter upon the kingdom. Nimrod was his name of old, and he it was who was so bold to proclaim that his mastery of the predator enlightened his spirit and gave him knowledge to rule over others.

But even he sought spiritual credentials from Ishtar. So, where does a Bozo turn for spiritual credentials today? Perhaps a “news” organization that promotes editorial condemnation of personal choice and uses Bozo the Hunter for 2016 as an ad campaign for its propaganda.

Give a Little Love to Your Bozo

“yuh Bozo hatin’ sunnuvabitch! Why, we’ll teach ya to hate Bozo, we, us, I, you know but it’s US, WE started this nonprofit thing called Bozo’s Hose, er, yeah, Bozo’s Hose, callin’ out tuh alla(h) Bozo’s Bitches. Come on now, pitch a buck back tuh Bozo. We gotta make the man show us some respect. We can’t let him go around talkin’ ’bout Bozos like that.