From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

“…and in that day of stone it was given unto the ape like preachers with heads of skull and jawbones to deliver typeset in the form of a selfish and denunciatory linguistic expression, but by whom…the holder of the camera, spotlight and blinders…the linguistics only point to possible shadows.

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

and then she stunfukt him once more onna time she said “jes cuz i’m gettin’ married duzzint mean we cant still mess around.” stunfukt folks blessin’ around, sayin this one’s sorta nice, like su’um felt before. just a briar in a stream been whipped by ice.” come on, Colt Ford, i can take ya!

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

my eyes can’t see to know through blind dust tragedy so blessed on my way i go, I just dont seem so trusting a black hole charges the shadow with a freightline steaming hiss and the poles are wasted fallow lest they choose to mix walking through infinity spreading seeds, cursing deeds playing and parrying…

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

Life flows past through steep pits and hollow groves wind blows past in weak fits and power blows one step climbs the ladder, one step toward the door sweet blessed time You brought me to my knees hide and seek in shadows. rocks at swallows in the trees from Lock up the Farm [scanned from…

Visions of the Crow

the pulse in me quickens as my heart gains momentum, my soles are worn from wandering with sack and cane my hand turns bound to display what i have witnessed the visions of a crow on a man in an unmarked grave reportedly from the lost writings of elvis angel

From the Diary of Plutus James

From The Diary of Plutus James …there is something that I refer to as sort of spiritual body, Some refer to it as their higher power, their higher selves on a different level of existence. And I believe that it is what gives you foreshadowings, or intimations of your physical and thinking processes, It is…

Notes from the Legend of Romy Snyder

“There is an opening in the back of my skull. That is where i get the muscle tension, chief. At the base of the cranium, the complex of the brain stem, the little carotid artery and the muscle structure at the top vertebrae and skull. I was thinking, what if you could use a long…