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What Put the Lines On the Old Man’s Face


In the punishing peace
Ghost heroes’
Practiced chants
Bloom and shrivel

Children divided
with words and
encumbering devices
Their lives framed
From cradle to cloak

Men from the grave
Claiming children
With drunken stories
Teaching them
To chide things
They never learn to see

Like blind seers teaching
With each passing hour
Of each passing day
Always to look forward
To something new,
Something stimulating,
Never knowing,
Never seeing,
How came the lines
on the old man’s face.

Ronald Hoffman from The Ballads of Barnabas Collins

Autumn Song scratch lyrics

button your coat and drink your wine.
dont get too much older before you find
another day’s closer then another day gone
soon you won’t remember this autumn song

October sun is closer in the field
days are getting colder and it’s harder to feel
a heartbeat in rhythm with the frozen blast
that the wind unleashes from the hourglass

So where’d we place the seeds of fortune
back when we had to hide our misfortune
the power that withstood the ringing bell
rushed us headlong towards our inner hell

you open the door and stop to stare
at the places you’ve been, the people who care
and the years seem to peal them all away
turns places to salt, faces to clay

scratch lyrics to Autumn Song by Barnabas Collins aka ronald jay hoffman


get your ear muffs get your warm gloves and don’t forget to say please and thank you, never i hate you, never need to hate. smile is fortune, the devil’s misfortune is he forgot say, please and thank you now he’s on the outside calling you outside to play.

there’s a sliver in his hand, an apple in his eye, churning the rhythm pulling me under. with a string bow and a wide open field he cant reach me he’s got to pull me near. It may not seem so precious to me as i walk a while hating to sneeze, the mouse on the wheel can’t stop to feel the pressure that has me breaking

the slackened shoulder ten years older than it used to be can’t withstand the weight of the man who’s sat casually sucking in my breath, with the rhythm in my chest. as a man on high he sings like a battered trumpet, an earth child strumpet, his voice no longer brings…

truth ringing clear, a sound barrier to the gods’ poison spring and their unholy things. their cheapness we bear, their sins we repair while we bless them for everything. And if truth be told when heaven unfolds i believe the path will lead nowhere. the lives that we gave to keep our remains won’t mean anything

scratch lyrics to Carousel RJH bbc

Autum Song addendum

one song lifelong come and gone, seasons arranged and blown along, mind on the matter loosely gripping what the eyes have seen.
one step tripped back and softly dreaming, the window is closing, time is winning, the door for the day shrieks like pain.
In the open field with the clouds and rain where the horses took us to our graves the voice of thunder announced our new awakening.
Mouse on a trestle, a whisper in the bush, bundle of lights in the sky concentrating…this is where we become.

scratch lyrics for Autumn Song BBC rjh