Another C-

Comments scribbled on Ralph’s assigned poem on Being in Professor Shill’s creative writing course. Ralph again received a C-. “The corpse within me burning leaps where my shadow falls.” (what?) History=Is. Existence crosses the threshold, advances into the space between was and is, and then 3 feet ahead. Non Conventional. knownothingness? Not nihilation but becoming….

Oedipus Pex

Ralph received a C- from his 12th grade English teacher, Mr. Pinstikler, for ignoring Pinstikler’s warning to avoid using anecdotes for their short story assignment. An egg formed in the universal chicken, begotten by godbecomechicken. Universal chicken laid the egg and hatched it. And then ate it. In fact, godbecomechicken got worn out inseminating universal…

American Success Story

Solo performance of existentialist, working class song by a dude in his early 50s playing electric guitar in his underwear.    

The King’s Highway

Kings highway is always a two lane state road filled with pot holes that meanders through bergs of inbreeders with unscrupulous morals. It is traveled by passive aggressive hags and coots that slow down in the no passing zones and speed up in the passing zones. Calling it Kings HY reminds me of the Tibetan…