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A Mother and Her Children

A Mother and Her Children

Our voices will speak again
of the green of these meadows,
again, of this vicious rain.
Our hearts will again spoil us
so we can keep again
the vows we’ve made.

With rough hands undertaking,
And hearts soft to our awakening,
while onward the years crush
with soft moans and earthly cries,
we praise the dawn that spells
our doom and breaks our ties.

We wait among the willows
While Summer chokes with light
steals the mist from our blooms
scours our days with blight

Our years measured in hours
with faint, rhythmical bits
Leaves us gray and withered
With occasional, useful fits.

And yet the newborn scream
bewildered and waiting,
waiting for a smile upon awakening.
Our hearts leap to them,
we move quickly to ease their pain.

It is noontime on the subway
and a mother is holding an infant
with a dirty diaper, another infant
pleading with innocence –
“Save me!”


Copyright 2016, Ronald J. Hoffman, Roaming Snyder Publishing. ASCAP

The Road of Time

The Road of Time

Days pass over by wagon wheel, slow around the corners, slow in the mud, and my little one’s song softly ripples in my memory, her voice the wind on a prayer wheel spinning in my heart.

My neck is slumping lower from my shoulders and my legs aren’t so steady anymore. And there was a time I didn’t have to squint to see. Twenty years ago I started to come apart and I found myself coming together on these roads. And sometimes I get to feeling real lonely and longing for company, and then the road reluctantly leads me to town like a mother leading her child to school.

She sees there are men ahead standing in suits and wearing scars. I here her sob and I look back. She is gone.(bbc)

Words of Limestone

Some words I find obscure the glow
of ringing thoughts, diffused, that show
the things that cause the heart to grow
that reveal the things we’ll never know

Those words seem so clear to those
who teach, who preach, who hate to know
the thoughts, the minds, of those below
the givers that the groups bestow

Things don’t seem so amazing
when amazing is taught,
is something you should know.
And if all the world thinks you’re crazy
well, surely they’d be the ones to know.
-barnabas collins

What Put the Lines On the Old Man’s Face


In the punishing peace
Ghost heroes’
Practiced chants
Bloom and shrivel

Children divided
with words and
encumbering devices
Their lives framed
From cradle to cloak

Men from the grave
Claiming children
With drunken stories
Teaching them
To chide things
They never learn to see

Like blind seers teaching
With each passing hour
Of each passing day
Always to look forward
To something new,
Something stimulating,
Never knowing,
Never seeing,
How came the lines
on the old man’s face.

Ronald Hoffman from The Ballads of Barnabas Collins

Autumn Song scratch lyrics

button your coat and drink your wine.
dont get too much older before you find
another day’s closer then another day gone
soon you won’t remember this autumn song

October sun is closer in the field
days are getting colder and it’s harder to feel
a heartbeat in rhythm with the frozen blast
that the wind unleashes from the hourglass

So where’d we place the seeds of fortune
back when we had to hide our misfortune
the power that withstood the ringing bell
rushed us headlong towards our inner hell

you open the door and stop to stare
at the places you’ve been, the people who care
and the years seem to peal them all away
turns places to salt, faces to clay

scratch lyrics to Autumn Song by Barnabas Collins aka ronald jay hoffman