From the Ballad of Romy Snyder

Written in Romy’s 50th year.   “Memories bleed through the day that i see as I turn in shallows wandering, and the steps are getting sleepier through the haunting, as i wake and fade and i look to blood for affection.”

From the Ballads Of Romy Snyder

Now I can see my portrait in a corner, in the dust and mother’s voice from her fortress is withering with rust time can’t steal her features as we rolled our car down the hill arms pressed forward and her head snaps back froze in a pose that could never look back tazed and tethered,…

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

the experience, the voice of the third eye… peel away the fetter blow away the tether pump and turn forever in her eye I am born A mirage, a feint the curse of a blind saint patron of three generations Who’s freezing, cracking haunted the eye of birth and still breaking up and wanting this…

Security Control Study in Primitive Holographic Existence

Romy, hiding in the willow branches one moment, lying on his bed and looking up at Mary the next. He pulled his head up toward his guardian’s face and stopped. He pulled his head up. He did. HE. Who was he? WHO pulled his head up?Was HE energy? Where did the energy come from? From…

Scratch Notes From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

i’ve found you, silhouette, bent, shrunken shriveled but still, you never weave or bleed or feel regret never seem to bend or wiggle Out in the air together in the breeze sad songs just lap and tickle smudges and blurs bleed and twinkle i’ll give, you burn a little a little feed to feel a…

One Finger Willie Teaches the Blues

“im warning you superego says the little guy, ima gonna sockya in the eye! and superego is like, pfff go ahead junior yer jes hittin’ yerself and junior goes well hell shoot shucks that’s why i got all these zombies floating in my head and the big guy says go ahead and knock yerself out…

The Hero Is A Cat Who Shows Herself From the Dark On Occasion

heroes are within. the admirable qualities of the other have always been there right along with the rotten ones. it is just the manager hired a flunky to hold the spotlight of your perception on one ingredient and you took it for the entire recipe.

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

sinew and steel, this corpse that rules the pieces in my eye, measuring peace, measuring its store, measuring the fate that reaches my door. I shout There’s nothing here! … at least nothing worth paying to see.

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

“…and in that day of stone it was given unto the ape like preachers with heads of skull and jawbones to deliver typeset in the form of a selfish and denunciatory linguistic expression, but by whom…the holder of the camera, spotlight and blinders…the linguistics only point to possible shadows.

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

and then she stunfukt him once more onna time she said “jes cuz i’m gettin’ married duzzint mean we cant still mess around.” stunfukt folks blessin’ around, sayin this one’s sorta nice, like su’um felt before. just a briar in a stream been whipped by ice.” come on, Colt Ford, i can take ya!