What Put the Lines On the Old Man’s Face

WHAT PUT THE LINES IN THE OLD MAN’S FACE? In the punishing peace Ghost heroes’ Practiced chants Bloom and shrivel Children divided with words and encumbering devices Their lives framed From cradle to cloak Men from the grave Claiming children With drunken stories Teaching them To chide things They never learn to see Like blind…

Autumn Song scratch lyrics

button your coat and drink your wine. dont get too much older before you find another day’s closer then another day gone soon you won’t remember this autumn song October sun is closer in the field days are getting colder and it’s harder to feel a heartbeat in rhythm with the frozen blast that the…

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

sinew and steel, this corpse that rules the pieces in my eye, measuring peace, measuring its store, measuring the fate that reaches my door. I shout There’s nothing here! … at least nothing worth paying to see.

From the Hymns of Elvis Angel

and then she stunfukt him once more onna time she said “jes cuz i’m gettin’ married duzzint mean we cant still mess around.” stunfukt folks blessin’ around, sayin this one’s sorta nice, like su’um felt before. just a briar in a stream been whipped by ice.” come on, Colt Ford, i can take ya!