Chandala, American Success Story

Intermission riff. This is meant as a theatrical intermission, with the character of Pete playing a 90 second intermission, offering narrative relief to the audience.

Broken Guitar

There are eleven acts, or songs in American Success Story. Pete Chandala is an ignominious factory worker in his mid fifties. The first scene songs, 1-2, begin with Pete losing his job and finding another one. The second scene songs, 3-5, tell of his childhood and the death of his mother and uncle. The third…

American Success Story Ch. 7, Love Me Strong

This is the second song, or act of scene 3. It presents a sentimental remembrance of the woman who was the mother of Pete’s daughter. Love Me Strong All the spirit in my eyes walked away with you despite misgiven memories misspent still I need you as when we first met She said Love me…

Daddy Let’s Play – American Success Story Ch. 6

American Success Story is a short book of poetry that is told in song. The book has eleven chapters, and is set in four scenes. The two acts in the first scene introduce Pete Chandala, a factory worker in his mid fifties. The three acts in Scene two tell us about his childhood. Scene three…

Chapter Five, American Success Story – Peace At Summer’s End

Pete Chandala, American Success Story Chapter 5, Scene 2, Act 3 Peace at Summer’s End by RJHoffman Last chapter, Pete has lost his mother as she is is crossing the road while coming to pick him up from school. He runs to see her bleeding in the road, and is so horrified he runs away….

American Success Story ch. 4

Chapter 4 Alone and Bleeding Pete Chandala American Success Story or Scene two Act two by RJHoffman In chapter three, Child In the Field, Pete told us a little about himself as a boy growing up on his father’s pig farm. He is an introverted child who spends much time to himself, wandering through the…

Coffee For My Cup

  Coffee For My Cup This is the second of an eleven song compilation presenting the story of Pete Chandala, American Success Story. The eleven songs are eleven chapters as a video work of fiction. Put some coffee in my cup Have it for me when I get up I don’t want no waiting when…

Music For Cockatiel and Guitar

I had planned to post the first of eleven video acts of  Pete Chandala, an American Success Story, but this was so special because one of my cockatiels was singing along to this impromptu progression I was playing.  

American Success Story

Solo performance of existentialist, working class song by a dude in his early 50s playing electric guitar in his underwear.    

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Thanks so much to all of you who ever liked any of the poems, songs, short stories, or art I have published on the Roaming Snyder blog. This is a link to the Roaming Snyder Soundcloud page where I have uploaded all of the published songs from Roaming Snyder Publishing. RJHoffman Roaming Snyder Musical Tracks…